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Hello, I'm Jamie Tanna

You may be interested in reading my README, which provides a bit more information about me at this time.

This site is inspired by Manual of Me, and aims to be a guide for colleagues in how to best work with me.

If I came with a warning label, it would say ...

This conversation may be recorded for blogging purposes

My Working Hours

You'll almost definitely be able to find me online between the following hours:

Timezone: Europe/London

Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -
Friday -

Outside of those hours, I may be online as I may be working more flexibly.

Structure of my day

I prefer having a standup between 0915-1000, so I have a bit of time before it to check messages and see whether things have progressed overnight, as well as checking that there hasn't been anything going wrong in production that needs looking into

I prefer to have lunch at a fixed time each day, so I can coordinate with my partner, and usually have 1200-1300, but like the ability to be flexible, so you can check my calendar!

I work best when ...

My preferred channels of communication are ...

In priority order:

Slack / instant messaging

  • Give me context for what you would like - see nohello.net for a bit more info - if you fancy just a general catchup, say so!
  • If messages are urgent/time sensitive, it'd be good to know!
  • Async is ideal for me, although I generally focus on "inbox zero", at least for Slack

Video/Voice Chat

  • Written communication is awkward and prone to error and misinterpretation - if we're finding we're tripping over our words, let's move to a video/audio call to discuss things
  • If we're already chatting synchronously, and are both able to, let's chat "in person", as it may be quicker


  • Need a paper trail?
  • Need to be able to add folks - who aren't necessarily available on i.e. Slack - throughout the conversation?
  • Longer form discussion?

I add value to a team by...

Feedback is best given ...

My personality type is ...

Virtuosos love to explore with their hands and their eyes, touching and examining the world around them with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity. People with this personality type are natural Makers, moving from project to project, building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it, and learning from their environment as they go.

Discover more about this Personality Type

What motivates me to come into work each day is ...

Some other things you should know about me are ...

Tea or coffee?

Tea 🍵

The perfect cup of tea is: